Get PAID To Subscribe To Spotify Premium!


We all know that listening to music without ads is like 1000x better than listening to music with ads. So, I found this offer online that only charged 99 cents for three months of Spotify Premium – you know, the one with unlimited playback and NO ADS that normally costs $14.99/mo.

RIGHT NOW, you can sign up for Spotify for only 99 cents, then get 5 dollars back via Swagbucks! They will give you a $5 Gift Card as soon as you pay Spotify 99 cents! And when I say gift card, I mean basically any gift card you can think of, including Visa, PayPal or Amazon. Or Fast Food.

Here are the details:

  1. Click on this link to Spotify.
  2. Create a premium membership account.
  3. Insert your credit card details.
  4. Either download the Spotify App or go to the Web Player to enjoy 3 months of Spotify premium!
  5. Head back over to Swagbucks to choose your $5 gift card.

Spend less than a dollar and get a $5 gift card back? I’m all in, are you? Cancel anytime your ears grow tired of being loved, keep your gift card, and keep enjoying the good life.

If you aren’t a member of Swagbucks yet, read my review HERE, and CLICK HERE to join now. Enter code “SampleFrenzy” during sign-up to get a 70 SB bonus when you register using my referral link.

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