Make Money With Swagbucks – Earn Gift Cards, Electronics, & More!

What is Swagbucks (SB)?

It’s a free, easy way to earn free stuff and $$ money in the form of gift cards!! You can earn SB by doing your internet searches through SB, taking the daily polls on their web site, watching videos with their apps, and much more! Points ( swagbucks) can then be used to buy merchandise in the swagstore, used to buy gift cards at Amazon and other places, and you can even use them to deposit cold hard cash into your paypal account!

**This is a perfect way to earn a little extra money (in the form of gift cards) each month, or save up for Christmas!

What can I expect to earn? What kind of time do I have to invest daily?

I have been a member of swagbucks for a few years now and I really enjoy it! It is definitely one of the best ways out there to make extra money, or as some people refer to it, beermoney. 🙂 I am averaging around $75-$100 a month in gift cards! Most of my gift cards are being saved to purchase Christmas presents. The biggest item that I have cashed in for all at once was an iPod Touch.

Obviously, the more work you put into it, the more you will earn. For those of you who want the least work possible for a decent payoff, If you just did the quick daily tasks and only played videos on the apps every day, you will still earn at least $25-$30 per month.

How much are gift cards?

The least expensive gift card is $3, which is 300 SB. This can easily be earned within 3 days (or just one day depending on the amount of work/time you want to invest) with just a small time investment. Again, If you just did the quick daily tasks and only played videos on the apps (the least hands-on approach) you could earn this in 4 days. $25 gift cards are the best value. Once a month you can cash out a $25 gift card for only 2,200 SB/points.

How do I earn points/ Swagbucks?

  • searching the web via SB portal or the browser extension
  • finding swag codes – Follow me on twitter for tweets of the latest Swag Codes and SB news.
  • shopping in their shop and earn mall
  • taking surverys
  • doing tasks
  • playing games
  • inviting friends to join
  • printing coupons
  • watching videos on their mobile apps or swagbucks tv
  • submitting a poll idea
  • answering the daily poll
  • and more!

Is there a referral system?

When you refer someone, you earn 10% of their points as a referral bonus. You will continue to earn 10% for as long as your referral is active on SB, with no maximum limit.

This post is to introduce you to SB, one of my favorite easy ways to make money online, and with their apps. The SB site has been around for years, and is definitely not a scam.

I will be sharing ways to earn Swagbucks a little more in depth very soon. Sign up now, familiarize yourself with the site, and get started!

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